Your Wish:

"Automatically reset a device based on a failed "ping"""


A rebooting helper program that operates as a service and runs locally at remote sites on a PC or server, independent of the WAN. It pings the surrounding equipment and sends reboot commands through the serial port of the "Control PC" to the CPS rebooters associated with failed return pings. It maintains activity logs and has an e-mail notification feature.

APB Auto Push Board

Connects to the Power or Reset Button to Automatically "Push the Button" After a Power Failure. Also Used as an Addressable Reset or Power Button Adapter for the REBOOT CONTROLLERS.

IPN Intelligent AC Power Node System

Provides Automatic or Remote AC Power Control for up 160 Nodes with unparalleled FLEXIBILITY to configure it to your specific needs. Use Touch-Tone Controllers OR your PC's serial port.