Your Wish:

"Fortify my current password system with some hardware"

CHALLENGER P2 Modem Router Switch

Matchbox sized units. Use as a "quick fix" for a maintenance port or to secure an entire enterprise. The MASTER LOCK is used to program units locally or remotely.

CHALLENGER P2 BAS Bi-Level Access System

Hardware security system for maintenance modems or any secure group application that also requires secure MASTER LEVEL access.


19" rack mount programmable system. Secures up to 64 lines. KEYs also have user ID# for audit or disable purposes. RS-232 port for reports.

TLC TelCo Line - Computer Interface

Secure your modems with CHALLENGER KEYs or CALLER ID. RS-232 port provides detailed call report and is used to program the unit. May also simply be used for audit reports or to build caller databases, track bogus callers, screen fax calls, etc. . . .

MRS Modem Router Switch

Directs inbound modem calls to any of 8 different modems. Port selection through DTMF or CHALLENGER KEYS. One & two line models.