Your Wish:

"Selectively restrict dial access to specific servers"

CAS Controlled Access Switch

Provides controlled access to your remote systems via touch-tones.

Flexie TelCo Switch Modem Router Switch

Programmable remote selection and control of three ports. Access via Touch-Tone. Optional remote AC power control and reset button reboots.

MRS Modem Router Switch

Directs inbound modem calls to any of 8 different modems. Port selection through DTMF or CHALLENGER KEYS. One & two line models.

TLC TelCo Line - Computer Interface

Secure your modems with CHALLENGER KEYs or CALLER ID. RS-232 port provides detailed call report and is used to program the unit. May also simply be used for audit reports or to build caller databases, track bogus callers, screen fax calls, etc. . . .

MINI FIREWALL Modem Router Switch

External hardware switch that opens the LAN connection while the modem is in use. It prevents LAN access through a dial modem connection. Oriented toward PC clients and Servers that have both modem and LAN connections. External box or wall plate.