Your Wish:

"Allow several modems to share a few telephone lines"

TSS Telephone Sharing Switch (Various Models)

Shares 1-6 TelCo lines between up to 64 desktop modems. Oriented toward dial out applications.

TSS-2PI Two-Port Telephone Line Sharing with Outbound Priority

A two-port telephone sharing switch that can interrupt a call in progress and give the line to the priority device.

MRS Modem Router Switch

Directs inbound modem calls to any of 8 different modems. Port selection through DTMF or CHALLENGER KEYS. One & two line models.

Flexie TelCo Switch Modem Router Switch

Programmable remote selection and control of three ports. Access via Touch-Tone. Optional remote AC power control and reset button reboots.


Caller can select either of two alternate modems on the same line securely.