40 Remote Modems on One Phone Line

We recently had a requirement to put multiple modems, distributed throughout a building, on a single phone line and be able to address them. Normally, this sounds like one of our modem switches like the Modem Router Switch (MRS 1x8) or the Flexie Telco Switch (FTS 1x3). However, this customer needed occasional access to the forty different modems (1x40). Since we didn't have a box that large, we suggested doing it with forty Challenger TTs (Touch-Tone).

The "Challenger Touch Tone" is normally used as a Touch-Tone password security device. It answers the line and waits for the proper Touch-Tone password. If it sees it, the call goes through to its modem; otherwise, it is aborted. So we proposed putting forty of the Challenger TTs on the phone line (actually a PBX). When a call comes in, they all answer, however, only the one with the proper password (appended to the modem dial string) lets the call through to its modem. The rest simply abort the call.

The cost worked out to be about $25.00 more per modem than the MRS or FTS ($106.00 each, quantity discounts included). But it sure beats the cost of forty phone lines or analog ports on a PBX. The pay out is under two months.