Remote control of a single port (AC power or reset button reboots) over a shared dial line. Use it on the products that do not have the ITTO option or where an analog modem is sharing the phone line.




ARR Picture   

ARR (Intelligent
AC Power Strip)

ARR Picture

PC-RJ Cable
Interface Assembly

  • Share with Normal Phone/FAX Line Usage

  • AC Power or Reset Button Reboots

  • Remote Maintenance Applications

  • AC Power On/Off Control Too

  • Remote Programming

  • Touch-Tone Password Up To Six Digits

  • Touch-Tone Control Commands

  • Very Easy To Use

  • Cable Distances Up To 2000'

The SINGLE PORT REMOTE REBOOT CONTROLLER (SP-RRC) is an out-of-band reset (dial-line) controller that is primarily used to reset equipment remotely or locally through a series of touch-tone commands.

The SP-RRC can be installed on any analog dial line and can share the line with other normal voice, modem, fax or PBX requirements. The shared Default Port supports the phone equipment and a Reset device simultaneously, if required.

It can also be used as a security device by simply using it to turn the remote equipment, such as a modem, ON or OFF.

Note that the SP-RRC is a controller only. It has one RJ-11 port and requires a CPS Base Unit (such as an ARR (Intelligent AC Power Strip) or an RJ-Cable Assembly). They are connected to the SP-RRC via the RJ-11 connector. They can be physically located locally or up to 2000' from the controller, using standard phone or LAN cable.

The ARR (Intelligent AC Power Strip) is normally used when the target machine does not have a reset button or when direct power ON/OFF control is also required. It has six AC outlets: two (2x4), four (4x2), or all six (6x0) may be designated as "Controlled Outlets" at the time of the order. The others may be used as normal surge protected AC outlets for printers, monitors or other equipment that do not require resets or On/Off control.

The RJ-Cable Assembly allows the SP-RRC to perform a push-button reset (soft reset) on a PC. To use it, the target machine must have a Reset button that connects to the motherboard. It installs in a vacant I/O opening on the back of the machine's case, but does not require a slot on the motherboard. The connecting cables allow the Reset button to also be used normally.

ATX Motherboards
The BIOS on ATX motherboards normally has several options to deal with the loss of AC power: to power-up only after the momentary Power Button is pressed (default), to return to its previous state before the AC power was lost, or to power-up when the AC power is restored. This last option allows the Solutions to be used with the ARR (Intelligent AC Power Strip) for direct AC power control.

However, these motherboards can also be used with the Auto Push Board (APB). The APB performs the first option above by pushing the Power Button once AC power returns. (See Resetting ATX Motherboards.)

How to control it
The programmable administrator's touch-tone Configuration Commands and the caller's Access Codes and Control Commands can be entered from any touch-tone telephone pad. They may also be appended to the AT dial command string of a dial modem. The SP-RRC will accept the commands remotely through its Telephone Line Port "TelCo" or the local default Phone Port or both. This provides remote dial control or local control over the building wiring or both. The commands are stored in EEPROM in the event of a power failure.

A typical touch-tone command may be:
(phone #) (access code & port #) (on/off/reset)

How it works
When a call is received, the SP-RRC either answers the call immediately or passes the rings through to the default port allowing something else to answer first. In either event it listens for a Command to begin for xx time and takes the appropriate action if it hears it. If a Command is not heard, the call may be aborted (Secure Mode) or passed to the Default Port (Shared Mode).

Three Port & Eight Port models are also available.

Item No SWTSPRRC Price $149.00

Physical 4.5" W x 3" D x 1.25" H, 1 lb.
Connectors (2) RJ-11 TelCo
LEDs (3) Power, Mode
Switches (1) 4-Bit Dip, (1) Pushbutton
Bell None
Cable (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor None
AC Power Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115V/60Hz