AB-M Front


Remote ABCD Switch




  • Security Port for No Connection

  • Solid State Relays for Noise Free Transitions

  • Manual Push Button Control

  • RS-232 Serial Port to Enter Switching Commands

  • Remote Control Through CPS Remote Controllers

  • (Telephone line/ TCP/IP /cell network) Password Protection

  • Addressable, Up to 31 Units Daisy Chained from One Controller

  • CPS Addressable AC power control units can be inter-mixed in the chain

The AB-M switches provide the same basic peripheral sharing functions as the familiar manual A/B/C/D switch boxes that the industry grew up with.

However, these switches are controlled through an RS-232 connection (an RS-232 Filtered Adapter is required) or remotely through one of CPS's Remote Controllers (SP-RRC, 3P-RRC or N-RRC), as well as manually (push button). This opens the door to other network switching applications such as Remote back-up, Security, Resource Allocation, etc., in addition to the peripheral sharing functions.

The Controllers provide the desired type of communications interface (Phone Line, TCP/IP or Cell). They also add password security, and the ability to share a phone line as well as other programmable features. The controllers are the same as those that are used for the CPS rebooting products. They follow the same flexible "Base Unit + Controller" concept.

The A/B-CD connects a common device on port A to either of its slave ports B/C/D/S. "S" is a logical security port (no connection).

It is available in a Three or Four port model with:

  • RJ-11 connectors for telephone phone line switching applications (4 wire)

  • RJ-45 connectors for switching Ethernet, Token Ring or T1 circuits (8 wire)

  • DB-9(25)/RJ-45 adapters are available for 8 wire RS-232 switching applications

The AB-M Switches are also dip switch addressable. Up to 31 of them can be daisy chained from one RS-232 Port or one Single Port Controller. A Multi Port Controllers can support a daisy chain from each port. As an example, a 3P-RRC (three port controller) could support up to 93 AB-MXs (31 per port). An eight port controller can support up to 248 AB-Ms.

They connect to the controllers, and to each other, with standard RJ-11 telephone cables at a combined distance of up to 2000 feet. Any of the addressable CPS AC power control "Base Units" can also be intermixed within the same "daisy chain" (IPN, U-X1, U-X3 or CPSs) for additional application flexibility.

Additional devices can also be switched to Port A by wiring multiple units together.

Simple ASCII Commands

The A/B Command A typical RS-232 serial command to connect port (B)-2 to port (A)-1 (common) may look like:

* AD 2# (Use Hyper-term or any terminal emulator.)


* is an attention command for the AB-M since there is no controller to wake it up.

AD is the address of the Switch if daisy chained (01-31).

2 is the Port that is going to be connected to port (A)-1.

# terminates the command.

If this command were sent through a Touch-tone controller you would precede it with the commands for the controller and it would look like this:

#8 PASS 1 AD 2#


#8 is the attention command for the controller that you are using.

PASS is the controllers password (consult the controller manual).

1 is the port on the controller (for multi-port controllers).

Controller Touch-tone commands can be entered manually or appended to the AT dial string.

Need an extra RS-232 port?  Consider the USB to Serial Adapter.

A/B SWITCH (3 port/RJ-11)
Item No SWTABC-4W Price $126.00

A/B SWITCH (3 port/RJ-45)
Item No SWTABC-8W Price $148.00

A/B SWITCH (4 port/RJ-11)
Item No SWTABCD-4W Price $143.00

A/B SWITCH (4 port/RJ-45)
Item No SWTABCD-8W Price $165.00

Physical 4.5" W x 3" D x 1.25" H, 1 lb.
Connectors (2) RJ-11 Control/Concatenation Ports
(3-4) RJ-xx Port
LEDs (5) Power and Port Connect Status
Switches (1) 8-Bit Dip, (1) Pushbutton
Bell None
Cable (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor None
AC Power Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115V/60Hz
Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 220V/50Hz on International units


Required for Serial Port Control (to PC)
Item No CA9R11-IPN-F

Required for Remote Control

SP-RRC One Telco Line and One Concentrator "Daisy Chain" (15 units)

3P-RRC One Telco Line and Three Concentrator "Daisy Chain" (45 units))

NETWORK Controller
N-RRC One RJ-45 TCP/IP Network Connection and One Concentrator "Daisy Chain" (15 units)

RS-232 Port Adapters