DSL Line Enabler  (DLE)

DSL Line Enabler (DLE)

Controls the physical connection of a DSL line through a relay (Enable/Disable). Control is initiated "out of band" by a standard analog phone call (land or cell) to the "DSL Enabler" on the DSL line.



What Is It?
The DSL Line Enabler is primarily a security device used to control a DSL line connection. It controls the physical connection of a DSL line through a relay, not just a software firewall or other layers of technology. Some security experts suggest that the only way to insure the equipment is totally safe from outside world is to physically disconnect it from the network. Although this is not always practical, it may be a better method for applications that do not require a constant network connection. The Enabler also qualifies as a "two factor authentication" device to meet other secure access criteria.

Any of CPS's AC power device can also be added on the secure part of the line and controlled with Touch-tones. This may be used to turn one or more servers or other devices ON or OFF while allowing others to run. There is something to be said regarding the security of machines that are powered OFF "its the best".

Basically the Enabler provides a number of potential security configurations. You may also have other ideas as to how to use this unique tool on your network

Also since it renews the modem connection each time it enables the line, it can also be used simply to RESET a DSL connection when it looses sync with the ISP (hangs) during normal operation. Simply call to disable then enable (RESET) the DSL connection.

How does it work?
Control is initiated "out of band" by placing a standard analog phone call (cell or land line) over the same DSL line as is used for the higher frequency network connection. You or any of your assigned users simply place a call to enable or disable the DSL connection as required.

Once the call is made, a valid password entry puts the DLE into "Command mode". The caller can then initiate any or all of the following sample Touch-tone commands. If the proper PW is not detected the call is ignored. The password can also be divided into a "User Password" and an "Administrative Password". The users have limited access whereas the Admin PW allows the unit to be remotely programmed, or enabled for a specified time, or to provide a onetime password to outside callers. Once the call is completed a new User PW is required for subsequent access.

Sample Commands
Relay Action Commands
Enable the DSL connection
Disable the DSL connection
Enable for 1-99 (Hours, Minutes, Seconds)
Disable for 1-99 (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) Use this for line RESETS also.

Optional Auxiliary AC Power Base Unit Commands

Set Up Preference Commands
Set Answer Ring Count
Set New Password (bi-level)
Restore in Enabled or Disabled state after power outage

Inquiry Commands
Any Status or set up can be inquired (replies with long/short beeps)

Sharing the Line
The standard analog part (lower frequency) of the DSL line can be shared with other analog devices as normal, phone, answering machine, etc. using a common RJ-11 "Y" adapter. See diagram. The DLE will still listen to the line for its PW and grabs the line even if something else answers. If the DLE is the only device on the line, it will answer and listen for the PW at the selected ring count.

Local Push Button Control
A push button on the unit also toggles the enable/disable state, providing local manual control. An Extended Cable Version is also available for extended local control. It has a heavy-duty push button on the end of a 6' cable. The cable may be extended up to 3000' over virtually any type of wire from an unused pair of Cat5 cable to an old barbed-wire fence. Touch-tone and push button control can be used simultaneously.

Optional AC Power Control
To further expand your application possibilities, any of CPS AC power base units can also be connected to the "Out" or secured side of the DSL line with a simple "Y" adapter (see diagram). It is controlled through a separate set "AC action commands" (ON/OFF/RESET). The AC power base units are listed at http://www.cpscom.com/reboot

Applications...Use with:
  • Uploads/Downloads
  • Security camera monitoring apps
  • Data collection sites
  • Permitting maintenance access
  • Defeating unauthorized use of open network jacks
  • To avoid discovery
  • Connecting to backup systems
  • More
       ... and its easy to use

DSL Line Enabler (DLE)
Item No SWTDLE-S Price $115.00

DSL Line Enabler Extended Cable Version
Item No SWTDLE-E Price $125.00

Physical 4.5" W x 3" D x 1.25" H, 1 lb.
Connectors (2) RJ-11 TelCo
LEDs (3) Power, Status, Mode
Switches (1) 4-Bit Dip, (1) Pushbutton
Bell None
Cable (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor None
AC Power Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115V/60Hz

NOTE: For 220V/50Hz, add (-INT) to the Item No