Provides all of the above plus:

"Flash hook".

Additional LEDs and circuitry to monitor line and modem activity.



The Call Waiting Switch (CWS) is designed for use with newer modems on dial lines that are equipped with call waiting service. Older modems would treat the call waiting tone as noise and disconnect when it was detected. This provided the user with an opportunity to take the waiting call.

However, the newer modems are much more robust and will fall back (down shift) and error correct the call waiting tone making it invisible to the user. As a result, the user may miss an important call or fax and the caller gets a frustrating continuous ring.

The CWS isolates the call waiting tone from the overlapping modem signals and provides an audible ("Beep Beep Beep") and visual (flashing LED) alert to inform the user that a call is waiting. When alerted, the CWS provides three options to take the waiting call:

  1. For voice applications, the user can pick up the associated handset and begin talking (flash-hook). This also puts the ISP on hold and the user may sneak in a short conversation, possibly up to 30 seconds, without losing the Internet connection.

  2. An "Auto Mode" switch automatically disconnects the modem and rings the associated phone as well as all of the extensions on the line, including faxes or answering machines (ring).

  3. A push button provides the option to "ring" the phone on a call by call basis. The call may also simply be ignored.

When the Internet connection is re-established, the browser will normally restore the current session back to the point of interruption.

If you have ever missed an important call from: Children, Spouse, School, Friend, Doctor, Lawyer, Broker, Business, etc... or you got that frustrating continuous ring when calling home because someone was on the net, the CWS is your solution

The CWS has applications for residential web surfers, SOHO environments, and telecommuters that may be required to take voice or fax calls while on-line to the corporate network or the Internet. It can also be used in bonding environments, where two modems are used to increase the speed of downloads from the Internet

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NOTE: To determine the Telephone Line Cost Savings related to this product, use the Cost Comparison Calculator.

Item No SWTCWS-2 Price $99.00

Physical 4" W x 3" D x 1" H, 2 lbs.
Connectors (3) RJ-11 TelCo
LEDs (4) Power, Busy, Modem, Call Waiting
Switches (1) Modem Disconnect Pushbutton,
(1) Toggle Manual/Auto
Bell (1) Audible Call Waiting Alert
Cable (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor None
AC Power Wall Mount 9VAC 1A, 115/60Hz