Provides an Audible and Visual Call Waiting Alert When Using Modems on Call Waiting Lines. "Quick Disconnect" Pushbutton to Switch to the Waiting Call.



  • Provides Audible & Visual Call Waiting Alert When Using Newer Modems With Call Waiting Service

  • "Quick Disconnect" Push Button to Switch to the Waiting Call

  • No AC Power or Batteries

The Call Waiting Alert (CWA) operates with newer higher speed modems on dial lines that have Call Waiting service provided by your local telephone company.

Because of the improved error correction in the newer modems, the Call Waiting tone is largely ignored during an on-line session making it invisible to the on-line user and the caller gets an annoying continuous unanswered ring.

Note: You may also use the * 70 dialing prefix (Call Waiting disable) with this product. When used, the caller will get a busy instead of a ring signal.

The CWA has the same high precision signal-processing algorithm found on other CPS Call Waiting Products. It distinguishes the Call Waiting tone from the overlapping modem signals that are occurring simultaneously and provides an ALERT with a "beeping" sound and a flashing LED when the Call Waiting signal is detected.

The waiting call can be accepted by terminating the on-line session with a mouse click or by pressing the PUSH BUTTON on the unit. The push button provides the quickest method of taking the call. It immediately disconnects the modem and allows the Phone Port to ring. All of the other extensions connected to that line will also ring. The waiting call may also be ignored.

The modem will remain disconnected until the push button is again pressed. As a reminder, no dial tone will be provided to the modem without pressing the push button. The phone can be used normally any time a modem session is not in progress.

Note: When "Reconnect" is selected, most Internet browsers will re-connect at point of interruption.

The CWA is normally used with voice sets connected to the Phone Port. However, it can be used with any type of analog device, such as a fax, answering machine, monitoring equipment, announcer.

It may also be used in bonding applications where two modems are used to increase the speed of down loads from the Internet.

For easy installation, the CWA has three RJ-11 connectors: "Phone", "Modem", and "TelCo Line".

NOTE: To determine the Telephone Line Cost Savings related to this product, use the Cost Comparison Calculator.

Item No SWTCWA Price $54.00

Physical 2.25" W x 2.25" D x 1" H, .5 lbs.
Connectors (3) RJ-11 TelCo
LEDs (1) Modem, Call Waiting
Switches (1) Modem Disconnect Pushbutton
Bell (1) Audible Call Waiting Alert
Cable (1) 5' RJ-11 Phone Cable
Adaptor None
AC Power None